OPaaaaa! Ta Kritika !!!

My friend Yianni and I at the Crete Party !!

Hey, take a look at my Hyperlinks!!

  1. a href="http://aetos.fluid.mech.ntua.gr/users/dgian/Nick.html">Nickolaus' Page of weird things !!!
  2. Meteora A Rock'n place to Visit !!!
  3. The Legendary Journeys of Demetri... Mt. Olympus
  4. a map of Canada for those of you who want to know where I'm from. The City is called Edmonton (Don't forget to check out the MALL !!!)
  5. Picture of the kitchen.
  6. Picture of us eating lunch....I think?
  7. Picture of the party at Agios Cosmas!!!!
  8. Picture of the two Germans girls at Meteora!!!!
  9. RESUME...it really works now, really !!!
  10. Search Engines
  11. Athens Chat

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