National Technical University of Athens

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Fluids Section

Welcome to the web server of Fluids section.


Faculty members:

  • Anagnostopoulos Ioannis, Professor
  • Bergeles George, Professor
  • Giannakoglou Kyriakos, Assistant Professor
  • Mathioudakis Konstantinos, Associate Professor
  • Mathioulakis Dimitrios, Assistant Professor
  • Papailiou Kyriakos, Professor
  • Papantonis Dimitrios, Professor
  • Touzopoulos Dimitrios, Lecturer
  • Tsangaris Sokratis, Professor
  • Voutsinas Spyridon, Associate Professor
  • Zervos Arthouros, Associate Professor
  • Laboratories:

  • Laboratory of Aerodynamics
  • Laboratory of Hydraulic Turbomachines
  • Laboratory of Thermal Turbomachines
  • Research Activities:

  • Atmospheric Flows & Pollution
  • Bio-Fluid Mechanics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Combustion & Two phase flows
  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics
  • Hydraulic Turbomachines
  • Industrial Aerodynamics
  • Laser Dobbler Velocimetry & Particle Image Velocimetry
  • Thermal Turbomachines
  • Wind Energy

  • User home pages

    HeliNOVI. Helicopter Noise & Vibration Reduction.

    6th CEAS-ASC Workshop.

    Free software offered:

    Scientific Data Visualization Software.

    The premises of the Fluids Section are in the campus of the National Technical University of Athens.

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