Wind Energy


Detailed Rotor Aerodynamics using Free Wake Modelling

Physical Modelling of Wind Resources in Complex Terrain using a 3D Navier Stokes Solver

Prediction , Control and Reduction of Noise Emissions from Wind Turbines

RAFT: a Rotor Analysis Fast Tool Application to the Investigation of Terrain Effects on Loads

Wake Effects & Wind Parks


Advanced Aerolastic Modelling of Wind Turbine Blades

Advanced Design Tools for Wind Turbines: Evaluation of Results and Recommendations

Computer-Aided Design of Blades: Current Capabilities and Perpectives

Statistical Physical Modelling of Wind Resources in Complex Terrain: Assessment of the Applicability of a 3D Navier Stokes Code

Estimation and Control of the Aerodynamic Noise from Wind Turbines: a Parametric Investigation

Parallelizing Particle Mesh Methods for Distributed Memory Machines

Investigation of the Yaw Induced Stall and its Impact to the Design of Wind Turbines

Investigation of the Capabilities of a Genetic Optimization Algorithm in Designing Wind Turbine Rotors

Investigation of the Yawed Operation of Wind Turbines by means of a Vortex Particle Method

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