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Research Activities

Agamemnon Varonos joined the research team of N.T.U.A.'s Aerodynamics Laboratory in September 1995.

During his studies at N.T.U.A., in the mechanical engineering department, he was specialized in aeronautical engineering with emphasis on fluid dynamics. He also pursued post-graduate studies at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in the field of turbomachinery.

Today he is a Ph. D. candidate at N.T.U.A and his activities concern basic as well as applied research in computational fluid dynamics. His work is concentrated in combusting flows, turbulence modeling and higher order discretization schemes.

To date he has successfully applied the above CFD models to boiler combusting flows, car aerodynamics and experimental configurations for basic combustion research.

His research has also environmental aspects, since he will in the near future, implement a NOx prediction model for combusting flows.

His work is mainly funded from European Union Research Projects and is coordinated by Professor George Bergeles.

Research results to be posted shortly ! Please visit often.


Biographical Information

Date and place of birth

Secondary education

University education - Post-graduate studies


Scholarships - Prizes

Professional experience - Seminars

Languages spoken and written

Participation in technical societies

Date and place of birth

Athens - Hellas (Greece), 19 March 1972.

Secondary education

Lycee Leonin d' Athenes.

Graduation grade : 19 + 4/10 (out of 20)

Graduation year and rank : June 1989 - 1st.

University education - Post-graduate studies

Mechanical engineering department N.T.U.A. Specialisation in Aeronautics.

Year and rank of admission : 1989 - 4th.

Diploma Grade : 8.5 (out of 10)

Graduation year and rank : June 1994 - 2nd.

Post-graduate studies : Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics - (V.K.I). Belgium.

Academic year : 1994-1995.

Specialization in fluid mechanics and turbomachinery.

September 1995 : Ph.D. candidate NTUA.


1. "A Design Method for Stator Cascades with Stream Surface of Revolution Using Natural Coordinates", Inverse Problems in Engineering, Vol 2., pp 119-139, 1995.

2. "Boiler Model Tests and Their Relation to Boiler Operation", Power-Gen '96 Conference Proceedings - Budapest Hungary, Vol 2., pp 520-533, 1996.

3. "Marine Turbochargers : Design Trends and Operational Characteristics", Presented at the Greek Joint Branch RINA-IMarE Meeting in March 1997, Athens - Greece.

4. "Performance Predictions in a 450 MWt Utility Boiler with NOx Emissions Reduction Configuration", 4th International Conference on Technologies and Combustion for a Clean Environment - Lisbon Portugal, Vol 1., 9-2, pp 7-15, 1997.

Scholarships - Prizes

5 annual IKY scholarships (State institution of scholarships).

3 TEE prizes (Technical Chamber of Greece).

One DAAD scholarship.

VKI scholarship.

NTUA prize.

Professional Experience - Seminars

Summer 1990 : France - Company NOVEST S.A.

Subject : CNC machinetools - Production management.

Summer 1992 : Switzerland - Company SULZER ESCHER WYSS AG.

Subject : Turbomachinery research and development.

Summer 1993 : Germany - Universitaet Giessen.

Subject : German language and civilization.

TEE seminar about the technology and programming of PLC's.

Several seminars of IMarE and RINA.

Participation in three technical meetings in Brussels and Lisbon (February, March 1996, February 1997).

Speaker at the Power-Gen '96 conference in Budapest-Hungary.

Speaker at the 4th International Conference on Technologies and Combustion for a Clean Environment in Lisbon-Portugal.

Languages spoken and written

Greek - English - French - German.

Participation in technical societies

Member TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece).

Graduate Member IMarE (Institute of Marine Engineers - U.K.).

General Interests

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