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The facilities of LHT were initially installed between 1978 and 1980 and have been continuously upgraded over the course of the years. This has been achieved through funding from the Mechanical Engineering department of NTUA and funded research projects of the NSRF and the European Union.

The infrastructure of LHT consists of a number of different facilities and equipment dedicated to the experimental testing of hydraulic machines (both pumps and model turbines), as well as to the calibration and testing of measuring equipment. The operation of the various test rigs allows for the simultaneous operation of up to 10 different models of hydraulic machines of different type and size with an inlet or outlet diameter of up to 700mm. The operation of the test rig can be of an open or closed circuit offering different alternative arrangements.

Main Facilities

  • Main water reservoir, with capacity of 320 m3, length 28 m, width 5 m. At the extremity of the reservoir there is a well of 3.5m depth and 2m diameter suitable for testing vertical pumps or turbines. An upper reservoir of 35 m3 capacity is placed 15m higher than the main reservoir, at the roof of the building. It is equipped with an overflow system to keep a fixed water level and can be used for open circuit tests of turbines. a fixed head. | Photo

  • A cylindrical pressure tank of 1.7m diameter and 3m height connected to the upper reservoir on the top of the building, which collects the discharge of the main pumps.| Photo

  • A volumetric tank with a rectangular section of 4x6 m2 and 6m depth is used for the calibration of the flowmeters. The level of the free surface is recorded by a pressure tranducer unit. | Photo

  • An open channel of 1.6m width, 1.7m height and 18m length which is equipped with a straight weir at the end for the calibration of the installed electromagnetic flowmeters. The channel can also serve for free surface flow experimental studies. | Photo

  • A fully equipped machine shop and a wood modeling shop